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taking in my surroundings x
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best friend till the end ✌
Anonymous: oh really?! thanks for the heads up. i got a job interview for estee lauder there and a few people said the same thing to me that u have! thanks for the heads up, defo won't be going to the interview

oh really? I didn’t work for them, I worked for an agency! They might be nice to work for (I’m unsure) but prepare yourself for the 5am starts! best of luck with whatever you choose xx

Anonymous: Aw really? hope every things okay with you! x

thank you so much & the same!

Anonymous: Thats so cool! are you still working in the airport too? :) x

no quit that place. not a nice crowd to work for x

Anonymous: are u still working? :)

yes, I work in parcel motel! :)

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Michael Hakimi at Karin Guenther

fresh ✖ modern
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still can’t believe you wont be around on my birthday, wish you saw me turn 20, missing you & thinking of you everyday. love you always. rip uncle b x
Anonymous: Love your blog! Keep it up girlie! xxx

aww, thank you. I haven’t been on it in a bit, a lot in my head at the mo, ill be back to it x