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Anonymous: Jade your hair is stunning long, suits you so much and you look like a model with it so long !!! why'd you take the extensions out?!

ah stop, I miss them so much! They were too ratty & annoying and I wanted to give my own hair a break so it would grow which it is (finally) haha I prefer myself with too, but sure.. maybe one day soon! :P

Anonymous: do you and your boyf have your own place? or living with parents?

we live in a student house, with two friends x

Anonymous: omg what hotel are you staying in do you mind me asking? I'm dying to go in september and any hotel I'm looking at is 120 plus a night!

i’m using air b&b, which is basically staying in someones house, they usually have a private room & share everything else (everything is completely verified so its 100% safe) but luckily for us, the guy who’s house I’m staying in, hes away when we’re staying, so we have the apartment to ourselves! :) message me if you need more info, its 400 for 6 nights! (between two) :) x

Anonymous: were your flights/accomodation for amsterdam expensive?

can’t even remember the price of the flights and the accomodation is €400 between me & lim, so bargain!

Anonymous: did you do the 12 driving lessons swell or were you not in the group that have to do it?and how long were u driving for before you did the test? sorry for all the questions haha! this is my last, swear! just hard to find someone who passes first time and i need all the tips i can get!

I did the 12 lessons with the Airport Driving School which i definitely DON’T recommend, i then got some off another fella who was definitely better! I wrote about it on my blog, which I’ll link below, and I was driving for about 2 months before I sat my test, I’m very confident on the road though so I felt ready x

Anonymous: Hey jade! :) Did You check your mirrors loads in the test and look side to side while passing junctions to show you're visualant? Any tips like that you could give me? :) Thanks, Peter :)

Hi! Yes, in all mirrors and both your blind spots, over your left/right shoulder! i counted from left back window, left mirror, middle mirror, right mirror and right back window :) all the time, on all junctions and on the turnabout and reverse around the corner don’t forget to check over your right shoulder, I looked like an idiot with my head movements, but hey it worked!! erm, just take it easy, concentrate and if you mess up dont focus on a mistake, just keep going! I had a good instructor too! if you need more info give me another question! :) 

Anonymous: Do you work for bobbi brown? I'd love you to do my makeup?!

i wish! awh so sweet, call me anytime! 

business email :

Anonymous: do you mind me asking what centre you did your test in? raheny? they're so hard to pass :(

raheny yeah! yeah it was very difficult but practice & confidence is what you need! i had a great instructor too!

Read about my test 

Anonymous: do you have any advice on reversing around a corner? I'm finding it very tricky!

PRACTICE! i did it a good few times. Em go so so so slow, i mean dangerously slow!! take your time, have good clutch control, barely accelerating, loads of observation in all mirrors and both blind spots,and give way to oncoming traffic & passengers, you can stop the car if needed!

Anonymous: how did u pas your test first time?Any advice? congrats btw!

I worked really hard for it, i made sure I knew all my theory and road signs, studied for hours. I made sure I could drive well and to a high standard for the test and I booked a lesson an hour before the test, made the world of difference, emm advice, focus on what you’re doing, if you mess up, don’t think about it, just keep going like nothing happened and make sure you drive like everyone else on the road is about to pull out in front of you and be confident and you won’t have a problem! :) I ended up having a great test because I stayed calm passing school kids and when I got stuck in road works. If you want anymore info about my test give me a buzz! 

Good Luck xx

Anonymous: do you still work?

yes I do x

Anonymous: how much is your insurance do you mind me asking? is your car economical to run? x

it was 1’700 and it costs me a bomb, but i love it!